Portadown Summer Sessions

Our Summer Hockey Sessions brings current players a chance to focus on individual technical and tactical skills going into the 2020/2021 season.

In a change to our summer camps, we have adapted sessions to 2 hours with focus on quality stick and ball time after months of "Lockdown"

The Ulster Hockey coaches will guide players through several skills including hitting off left and right foot, receiving on the move, playing on the backhand and playing in the air.

  • Spaces are limited to one session a day - ie you cannot book both time slots on the same day 
  • These sessions are appropriate for current school and/or club players only.
  • These sessions are appropriate for 9-14 yr old players.

Travel and Arrival

  • Please do not arrive any sooner than 10 minutes before your session is due to begin and leave promptly within ten minutes of the session ending.
  • Avoid using public transport where possible and do not share lifts with other players/parents.
  • Pick up and drop off points should be strictly adhered to so please follow the signs and guidelines. It is likely, where possible, that pitches have a separate entrance and exit for players.
  • Those transporting players to the pitch should avoid getting out of their car, for example, to speak to others.
  • A coach will be present but please also follow signs and guidelines provided at the pitch
  • As in any case, players arriving and leaving their cars must respect social distancing measures.
  • Clean and disinfect your hands before you enter the grounds.
  • Access to indoor faculties may be limited. 


  • On arrival players must sign in with the lead coach. 
  • All players should arrive with minimal extra equipment other than what they will need for the session.
  • Access to changing rooms and toilets will be prohibited so please come ready to play and leave promptly. Ensure you have been to the toilet and washed your hands thoroughly.
  • All bags must be set along the fence at a distance of 2 meters from each other.
  • Players will be assigned their group by their respective coach and that will be their group for the entirety of the session.
  • Players are prohibited from touching any equipment that is not their own, including balls, cones, goals.
  • Players should avoid excessive touching of their mouthguard and spitting is strictly prohibited.
  • Players will maintain social distancing at all times until we are advised otherwise by Government guidelines.  
  • Players may be asked to bring their own dark/white coloured top as there will be no use of bibs.