BSUK Hitters - Coach CPD Workshop

10th March 2018 (10am-1pm)


This course has been developed specifically for baseball and softball coaches looking for an introduction into coaching hitters using the ‘The GB Way’ baseball coaching methodology and the same fundamental techniques Great Britain Softball

Who is it suitable for?

  • Coaches who wish to get an understanding of what drills, teaching methods Great Britain Baseball and GB Softball use when developing hitters
  • Coaches who want share knowledge in practical environment
  • Baseball and softball coaches who wish to become specialist hitting coaches
  • Parents who wish to learn more technical information on how they can help their child develop as a hitter

What are the pre-requisites?

  • Learners must be a minimum of 16 years old
  • Be passionate and inquisitive about learning new drills for playing catch, infield, outfield, hitting and pitching
  • Very inexperienced coaches may wish to take 'The Activator Award‘ to ensure rules and game play knowledge is sound

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basic mechanics of hitting
  • Recognise the similarities between a baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch swing
  • Identify and correct common mistakes hitters make
  • Utilise different drills and equipment to teach hitting 
  • Explain the concept of a Quality At Bat and how it relates to baseball, fastpitch or slowpitch softball

Why Do this Course

  • This course will give practical ideas on how to work with and improve your hitters
  • This course will give you a basic understanding of what Great Britain Baseball and GB Softball looks for and implements when developing hitters
  • Because of this course you will gain the knowledge to improve your players success at the plate


  • Please be aware that we need to achieve a minimum requirement of learners to be able to confirm the course is going ahead.
  • We aim to communicate a cancellation with learners 7-14 days in advance of the course date.


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