SoccerEds Breakfast Club - Bradway - Y2/3 Summer 1 Wednesday


SoccerEds at Bradway  

The following registration form is for the Summer 2 half term

 Please ensure you read and understand all measures below before registering.

  • Please drop your child off at 7:30 so that the club can start at 7:40 prompt.
  • Your child will be told which pitch they are on at their first session, your child will be required to stick to this area for the duration of their session (this includes drinks breaks, so please ensure your child has a water bottle)
  • Hand gel will be issued both prior and post session
  • No physical contact from coaches
  • All equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant before and after each session
  • All children will be taken to their classroom after the session.
  • The session will be on the School field, please make sure that your child has suitable clothing and footwear.

New Sign Out Policy

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has impacted a number of ways in which we operate, our new sign out policy is as follows.

  • Upon registration you will be asked to give names of any adult who is authorised to collect your child from our sessions should they need to.  

If at any point you need to change your child’s Password or amend their ‘Authorised Adults’ list contact should be made to Paul via using the email address which was used to register your child. 

Authorisation cannot be given over the phone and must be issued in writing (email)

In the instance of an emergency we reserve the right to sign your child out to a member of the school’s SLT. 

By completing this form you agree to the terms above.

These measures are also subject to change, as you will see on the FA guidance attached above the group sizes and level of social distancing/contact could change soon.

Please ensure you have read all of the above carefully and tick the check boxes in the form knowingly

If you have any questions on any of the above please get in contact via


Whilst our sessions are based on a non-contact basis and every effort is made by the coaching team to ensure that the sessions are conducted in a safe and professional environment by trained coaches, the nature of Rugby/Football means that occasionally accidents or collisions do occur, RuggerEds/SoccerEds/Evo Soccer/Evolution Rugby/SportEds can not accept any responsibility for any collisions/accidents and injuries. All session are conducted in the presence of parents/guardians and if an incident occurs you will be requested to assist.


Online Registration Form