SoccerEds foundation phase Saturday morning - Warminster Rd


SoccerEds foundation phase 
3-5 Year olds

Warminster Rd

Registering your child's place is free and guarantees them a place on one of our 50 minutes sessions adhering to the FA's guidelines on restarting football within the community. 

Please see the link below for more details:

In line with the above, the changes you will see when arriving to sessions are as follows:

  • You can choose one of three start times (Please arrive on time, if early please maintain social distancing and do not enter the building until 2 minutes before the start of your session, the same applies when vacating)
  • We will check your child’s temperature on arrival, should they have a high temperature you will be asked to take them home and keep an eye on them for any further symptoms.
  • Staff will be in the correct PPE.
  • A one way system will be in use, in through the main entrance and out through fire exit one.
  • Parents can watch from the fire exits during the session but must maintain social distancing.
  • Hand-washing stations beside each pitch (children will be asked to wash hands before and after sessions)
  • No physical contact from coaches (handshakes, fist bumps are not permitted) first aid to be administered by parents (we will provide First Aid Kit and supplies) 
  • All equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant before and after each session
  • You will only need to book once for the whole of April/May 
  • No students will be allowed to attend without registering, No exceptions
  • You will not be charged for registering today, although you will still need to pay your monthly standing order
  • Session plans will accommodate social distancing and therefore will be quite different to what you have experienced previously. However we will be making every effort to maintain a fun and engaging session, we cant wait to see you all!

These measures are also subject to change, as you will see on the FA's guidance attached above the group sizes and level of social distancing/contact could change soon.

Please ensure you have read all of the above carefully and tick the check boxes in the form knowingly

If you have any questions on any of the above please get in contact via


Whilst our sessions are based on a non-contact/tag basis and every effort is made by the coaching team to ensure that the sessions are conducted in a safe and professional environment by trained coaches, the nature of Rugby/Football means that occasionally accidents or collisions do occur, RuggerEds/SoccerEds/Evo Soccer/Evolution Rugby/SportEds can not accept any responsibility for any collisions/accidents and injuries. All session are conducted in the presence of parents/guardians and if an incident occurs you will be requested to assist.


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