Stukeley Meadows Summer Sports & Activity camp

We are delighted to announce that our summer sports and activity camp if taking place from Monday 22nd July through to Thursday 8th August. This summer your child can choose between a variety of sports to take part in such as football, tennis, cricket, dodgeball, netball, rounders, athletics and more. Our popular sports camp games such as battleships and sports camp quizes will also be running as well as free choosing time at break and lunch with a film whilst children are eating lunch. This year we will also have the option of quieter activities for those children that have had enough of sports for the day so our camp will cater for all children!


1 Day - £26.00

ANY 2 Days - £52.00

ANY 3 Days - £78.00

ANY 4 Days - £104.00

ANY 5 Day saver - £117.50

ANY 6 Day saver - £141.00

ANY 7 Day saver - £164.50

ANY 8 Day saver - £188.00

ANY 9 Day super saver - £209.25

ANY 10 Day super saver - £232.50

ANY 11 Day super saver - £255.75

ANY 12 Day super saver - £279.00

We are offering a further discount for siblings please email i[email protected] for more information.

If we have adverse weather conditions alternative plans may be made and activities altered but we will still provide an action packed, fun day for all!

Children need to bring...

  • Water bottle (These can be refilled)
  • Lunch Box with morning and afternoon snack
  • Weather appropriate sports clothing
  • Appropriate foot wear (Football boots and shin pads if playing football as well as trainers)

Sport Camp runs from 08.30am - 15.30pm every day

Please get in touch if you have any questions!


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Primary Sports Stars organises staff to suit the number of children we have signed up to camp. Please make sure your child is able to attend the day that you have signed up for. We cannot offer refunds for families that decide not to come to camp after they have signed up. We will consider credits/refunds for families that have good reason (injury or illness) but this may not be 100% of the original fee paid. Primary Sports Stars hold similar behaviour expectations to that of acceptable classroom behaviour. Although extremely rare, we will ask children to be collected from camp if their behaviour is disruptive to coaches or other sports camp members or if their behaviour is dangerous and/or takes one of our coaches away from being able to teach groups of children. Our values are Self-Belief, Confidence, Respect, Integrity, Passion, Teamwork and we ask children to respect our values. PSS can't be held responsible for any valuables children bring to camp such as mobile phones or games consoles. (Mobile phones will have to remain in bags for the durations of camp)