Be A Birdy - Junior Wild Day

Let your little fledglings spread their wings for the day with 2Wild!

Once again, we are excited to offer you a Wild Day designed to include children under five. This day is aimed at children from the ages four to six and will feature lots of play time, gentle exploration, a smaller group size and a shorter day so the little ones don’t wear themselves out.

  • Learn about and identify birds in our bird watching look out!
  • Build a giant birds nest in the woods! We’ll make it nice and cosy for the little fledglings, lining it with moss, grasses and leaves.
  • Get creative and make a set of bird wings to wear, or get your face painted to turn everyone into a little bird!
  • Get warm and cosy in our heated yurt and make natural bird feeders to put up at home!
  • Enjoy plenty of games in the leafy green woods plus story time with all the birds in their nest at the end of the day.

Sorry, this is now fully booked!

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