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Waiting List

If the class you wish to book is full, please register your interest by filling out the waiting list.  If a place becomes available, we will contact you.

Who is the course for?

Following the success of the holiday courses in the past fifteen years, open to the whole family, we continue to offer courses for anyone aged between seven and a hundred and seven.  Those with touch typing experience who wish to improve, beginners, those with or without learning difficulties - all are welcome.  The choice of software ensures something for everyone.  Anyone with previous touch typing experience will start at their level.  This course is recommended by the Richmond Dyslexia Association.  If your child is below the age of seven or has considerable learning difficulties please consult the course leader before booking them on a course.

The course leader

The course leader, Jane Verity, is both a qualified teacher of those with learning difficulties and an experienced touch typing instructor. 

Why touch type?

Touch typing is invaluable to everyone because of the universal use of computers in schools, colleges and at home and work, but even more so for anyone with learning difficulties.  For them it can be a breakthrough – giving them a tool to communicate and express their thoughts freely.  Touch typing means typing without looking at the keys and can be extremely fast and accurate.  It need not take a long time to become proficient.  Touch typing frees up sections of the brain to think - and once mastered, is easy and faster than handwriting.  It also helps with spelling, as words are learned as finger patterns.  Sequencing of the letters in a word is easier and of course there is no problem with the orientation of the letters.

When and for how long?

The course is taken over four mornings.  For those who are very little, have severe learning or concentration difficulties, private lessons might be the better option. All courses will be held between Tuesday and Friday, with the exception of Easter Week 2 which will be held between Monday and Thursday.


The courses will be held at Sunbury Manor School, Nursery Road, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6LF. Directions to this school can be found on the website.  All correspondence should be sent to the address in Isleworth (below) and NOT TO Sunbury Manor School please.

Correspondence address

All correspondence should be sent to 23 Algar Road, Isleworth, TW7 7AD and not to Sunbury Manor School please.

Discounts and costs

A discount of £15 per student will be offered to anyone with two or more members of their family taking part.  An early booking discount of £5 each is offered for each student booked by February 25th, 2019 for the Easter courses or June 24th, 2019 for the summer courses.  The cost for the course will be £260 unless the discounts apply.  This is payable in advance.  Spaces for the course will be allocated on a first come - first served, basis, secured on payment of the fees.  Please book early to ensure the place of your choice.

Private tuition

Please contact Jane Verity on or 0208 568 4633.


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