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Frequently asked questions and answers, for you as an event attendee

Participant UK has many uses, but this is usually associated with the registration of an event, course, conference or a membership fee. If you cannot remember what the payment was for, please visit our Find a Transaction page.

Please fill out our contact form, detailing the name of the event you have registered for, organisation hosting the event and the name you have registered.

If you have questions beyond the technical sign-up, such as practical details, please contact the event organiser. The contact information can be found on the registration page of the event. Participant UK does not provide organiser information by phone or email.

Participant cannot refund money for a registration on behalf of an organiser. If you have signed up for an event and wish to have your money refunded, please contact the event organiser. The organiser's contact information will be on the order confirmation for your order.

If you need to make changes to your participation or change your information, please contact the event organiser. The organiser's contact information will be on the order confirmation for your order.

If your payment does not go through, double check the following:

  • Have you entered your card information correctly?
  • Do you have the correct card (Visa/Mastercard) for your card information?
  • Do you have an account cover?

If all of this is correct and you are still not able to make a payment, you may have exceeded 15 minutes from placing your order until you have completed payment. An order will be deleted from the system if it is not completed within 15 minutes. You must then return to the sign-up page and resubmit. If none of the above items explained your problem, please contact us.

Yes, the web pages are security-certified, meaning that all communication between users and the website are safe. Payment is made using Global Payments, a payment provider with the highest level of PCI compliance. We (Participant) do not store credit card numbers that the participant uses when paying on the point of registration.

The data that the participant must provide in order to sign up for an event will be saved, but this information is determined by the event organiser. Our default fields are; Email address, first and last name, mobile number. You can also store information about the account number, in case it is used for reimbursement of the participant fee, if the participant reports an event or if the event is cancelled. We refer to our Privacy Policy.

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