Koalas Class - Saturday - 10.30-11.15

The Koalas class is aimed at children aged 3 years old and sees them through until their start Reception.  The main progress seen in the Koalas class is that the children are not accompanied by their parents/carers, the lesson is entirely instructor led and completely structured but parents are able to watch from the cafe. 

The Koalas class maintains the same philosophy as that in the Joeys and Kangaroos in which the physical development of the child, along with their personal and social development, the development of their language and communication and understanding of basic mathematics is achieved through the discipline of gymnastics. Children are taken onto three - four apparatus each week where the instructor teaches basic gymnastics skills, body control such as fine motor skills, co-ordination and balance, developing their confidence.  At this age a very hands-on approach is taken, putting the children into the correct positions and guiding them through skills so that they learn the correct patterns of movement, before progressing to do skills on their own. Skills in the class are progressions from those taught in the Joeys and Kangaroos and help strengthen the foundations for those skills that are taught in the Level 1 class. The warm up is structured and more active and requires the children to copy and repeat specific body movements. Children will learn new terminology and their ability to understand and copy instructions will improve. 

Membership is calculated based on a full year of lessons and divided into twelve monthly payments. We require 30 days notice in order to cancel any direct debits. For those joining mid way through a month, the first month will be taken at full price and the second month will be reduced in accordance.

Sorry, this is now fully booked!