UK NARIC - the National Agency responsible for information, advice, data and informed opinion on qualifications from outside the UK

Europass - the UK?s national Europass Centre - removing barriers to work and study in Europe

The Centre for Professional Qualifications (CPQ) provides advice and guidance on professional qualifications and their recognition in the UK, EU and globally, and is the UK National Assistance Centre for Directives 2005/36/EC and 2013/55/EU.

ECVET - the National Contact Point for England improving the mobility of those holding vocational qualifications across Europe

ReferNet - the European network offering comparable information on Vocational Education and Training across Europe

ECCTIS - improving the understanding and value of qualifications

UKNARIC19 workshops

Welcome to the UKNARIC19 workshop booking pages

Thank you for booking to attend UKNARIC19 conference.

You can now select your specialist workshops using the form below. 

You can select and attend up to 4 workshops on each day. If you are attending for the two days of the conference, remember to book workshops for both days. The places on each workshop are limited.

Please choose a workshop for each time slot. 

Full descriptions of the workshop choices can be viewed when you tick the box for each time slot. Choose your workshop by clicking the dropdown under the workshop title and select ‘I would like to attend this workshop’.

If you do not wish to attend any workshop in a time slot, leave its tick box blank.

Take care choosing your workshops, as once you have selected them, you cannot go back and edit or change your choices.

The workshops are organised into three themes. If you would like to see the entire workshop programme in one document with the full description of each workshop then click here for the PDF.

Please click here to see the timings.

Please note that in order for the system  to register your selected workshops you will need to tick the boxes associated with each day and session you are attending. You should keep these boxes ticked until you confirm your booking.

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