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UK NARIC Specialised Fraud Workshop - Cheltenham - 02/10/2019

In response to the growing problem of education fraud and fake certificates and documents, UK NARIC has developed a specialised workshop focused on best practice in the field of fraud detection.

The workshop will provide a concentrated day of training that provides deeper understanding and useful practical techniques when checking and evaluating documentation received from international applicants for work or study.

Specialists from the Home Office will highlight common security features on travel and identity documents. This will provide essential knowledge to help you identify basic forgeries or counterfeited documents.

The day will also provide the opportunity to share experiences and ideas on best practice in the field of fraud detection, and apply the skills discussed using real examples.

Covered in the workshop:


  • The importance of a recognised institution

  • Models of accreditation

  • Aspects of fraud within accreditation

  • Awareness of UK NARIC and key resources

  • Practical exercises to reinforce knowledge

Fraudulent documents

  • Examples of counterfeit and forged documents

  • Common Security features found in official documents

  • Genuine vs counterfeit

Verification channels

  • Demonstration of resources

Delegates will receive a training manual that will support the interactive workshop, refreshments and lunch.


Please note: if you need to change your booking please contact