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UK NARIC Admissions Officer Training (Level 1) - Glasgow - 26/11/2019

This newly developed one-day course gives a concentrated and thorough introduction to all the major international admissions aspects of the Admissions Officer role.

Although the training is practical with useful techniques, methods and checklists, there is also an emphasis on building a deeper understanding of education systems and the methods for comparison of international qualifications. 

An overview of Chinese, Malaysian and Nigerian education systems and qualifications will give you an essential grounding in these commonly encountered qualifications.

English language proficiency is a key issue in international admissions and the day includes an introduction to the different tests, scales and measures in use, and how English language proficiency can also be evidenced by general qualifications.

This training provides delegates with a systematic approach to evaluation, selection and making an offer ensuring that providers are better able to meet to the Home Office’s Tier 4 meet compliance requirements.

We have developed an Admissions Officer Level 2 training day to offer progression from this Level 1 training. Together, the two days will provide excellent training and staff development for Admissions Officers.

Note: There will be some practical exercises on the day. We will provide a limited amount of devices which will be shared among the delegates. If it’s not a problem for you to bring your own device, that would be helpful (tablet, laptop, apple book etc.).

This event will help:

Ideal training and development for new Admissions Officers or those in the first 18 months of the job.

*If you have free seminar/training places in your membership package, please contact your account manager before registering.

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