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Session descriptions

Please find below the descriptions of the recorded webinars available:

1. Evaluating international qualifications

2. Combating education fraud

3. Briefing on the non-traditional qualifications used for entry in higher education in the UK

4. Briefing on the Indian secondary education system

5. Briefing on Chinese upper secondary education

6. Briefing on standardised test in the USA education system 

7. Briefing on the long-cycle programmes in the French education system 

8. Combating education fraud: how to spot fake qualifications giving access to undergraduate programmes  - an interactive webinar

9. Pakistan: When is a Bachelor a Bachelor, and when is a Master's a Master's? - an interactive webinar

10. Briefing on the upper secondary and higher education system in Ghana - an interactive webinar

11. Briefing on undergraduate education in China - an interactive webinar

12. Briefing on the upper secondary and higher education system in Nigeria - an interactive webinar

13. Briefing on Indonesian education: high school exams, institutional status and university rankings - an interactive webinar

14. Briefing on Hong Kong school education - an interactive webinar

15. Briefing on the Saudi Arabia education system  - an interactive webinar

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