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In-depth briefing on Indian and Chinese school leaving qualifications - Birmingham - 14/05/2019

In view of the rising number of direct applications to British undergraduate degree programmes from India and China, this session will provide an in-depth look at upper secondary education and school leaving qualifications in these two countries. The session will focus on the following areas:

  • Understanding the structure and curriculum of upper secondary schooling in India and China

  • Understanding assessment methods, learning outcomes and mark schemes for the Standard XII (India) and high school / Gaokao (China) qualifications

  • Understanding the rationale for UK NARIC’s assessments of Standard XII and the Gaokao, and understanding issues around the suitability of these qualifications for meeting English language requirements

  • Knowing how to deal with secondary school leaving credentials from India and China – which documents to request, key features to look out for, calculating overall grades, and using UK NARIC resources to help identify fraudulent documents and determine grade thresholds.

Delegates will examine and interact with examples from Standard XII and Gaokao past examination papers. They will consider and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their respective curricula and assessment methods in regards to preparing students for undergraduate study in the UK.

Time will also be set aside for hands-on practice in using the UK NARIC database to process applications: from identifying and requesting the correct documents to checking English language ability and deciding on acceptability for admission.

Finally, delegates will be encouraged to bring their own redacted (GDPR friendly) examples of qualifications into an admissions surgery for India and China where we will work them through as a class.

Who should attend?

Admissions officers, admissions managers, marketing staff, International Office staff and managers.

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