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Fakes, forgeries and fraud - London - 12/03/2020

New for 2020.

This Training Day builds upon UK NARIC’s sector leading safeguarding against education fraud services.  The one-day event will meet the needs of those processing international applications for study or those in credential evaluation roles. At the end of the seminar delegates will:

  • Understand the different types of education fraud and what drives them
  • Understand how to identify common errors on fake education documents
  • Understand how to identify common errors on fake identity documentation
  • Know how to verify qualifications and secure English language tests
  • Understand who to contact for support in safeguarding against education fraud

Experts in education fraud, identity fraud, international education, credential evaluation, immigration compliance and English language test will share their thoughts and expertise to ensure that delegates understand the important elements of safeguarding against education and identity fraud.

Using real examples delegates will be able to spot fake documents share experiences and ideas on best practice and opportunity to practise the skills they will learn during the day.

This event will help:

Building the very successful Degrees of Deception training session this training day equips delegates with key knowledge to be able to identify fakes, forgeries and fraud. 


Job titles of those who should attend would include:

Admissions / International Officer

Team Leader Admissions / International

Admissions / International Manager

Deputy-Head of Admissions / International

Head of Admissions / International

Director of Admissions

Director of International Admissions

Credential evaluator

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