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23/24 Mini Imps LNER

Our Mini Imps is the start point of the football journey in our football pathway, with weekly sessions delivered by specialist coaches. For children aged 3-6.


9-10am (ages 3-6)

School Term Dates - 38 weeks - please see your Order Confirmation Emails for exact dates.
Sessions start: 9th September 2023
Sessions End: 20th July 2024

LNER Stadium 3G Pitch

Surface: Astro (3G)

Equipment: Football Boots with plastic screw or moulded stud. (NO flat shoes including Trainers, NO Football Boots with metal screws, spikes or blades). Please wear shin pads.

Injury policy: If a player is injured during the season, please let us know at the earliest point. Payment is still required to keep your place within the centre.

Parking: Parents/visitors/patrons are not permitted to park in Playzone car park. Depending on construction work ongoing at the stadium, we have parking available in either the Stacey West Car Park (at the end of Cross Street, turn right), or on the stadium footprint.

Payment Structure:

  • Monthly payments of £20 a month until (and including) August 2024 (12 months payment plan for full season). A one-off £11 administration fee will be charged upon registration.

  • Upon registration you will be charged your first £20 payment and one-off £11 administration fee. If you register part way through a month, you will still be charged for the full month's payment.

  • An automatic monthly recurring payment will be set up when you register, to be taken on the 1st of each month from the month following your registration until (and including) August 2024. This payment will come from the card used at registration.

  • For people registering part way through the season, your monthly payments will start from the day you register and your final payment will be August 2024.

Our Safeguarding Policy can be found on the following link: Our Policies | Lincoln City Foundation 

The following booking form MUST be completed by a parent/ guardian, NOT the player. Please ensure you enter the parent/ guardian's contact number and email only. 


Online Registration Form

Player's First name *
Player's Last name *
D.O.B.   *
Age Group for 23/24 Season *
Ticket *
Playing position
Address 1 *
Address 2 *
City *
Postcode *
Medical/ Injury/ Allergy Information  *
How would you describe the participant's gender? *
What is the participant's ethnicity? *
If selected 'Other' to the ethnicity question - please specify:
Please ensure you enter the parent/ guardian's contact number and email only.
Parent / Guardian Name *
Home Telephone
Mobile *
Email *
Alternative Emergency Contact
Alternative Emergency Contact Name *
Alternative Emergency Contact Relationship to Player *
Alternative Emergency Contact Number *
Consent and Permissions
Terms and Conditions
Activity Code of Conduct
Privacy Policy
Do you give consent for the participant to be included in photography and filming and for the images/ recordings along with their data to be used to celebrate and promote our activities through our website, marketing material and social media? *
Do you consent for the participant to be included in filming where we may use VEO cameras to record training sessions or matches with a view to use this as training/ learning material for players? On request, this footage may be sent to player's parents/ guardians for educational purposes. *
VEO is a camera used for filming for training and analysis purposes.
Consent to Emergency Aid Treatment *
Promotional code 

Please ensure on the billing details page that you structure your mobile number as the following (the 44 replaces the 0):

+44 in the first box, followed by the rest of your phone number for example 79868491 in the second box. Please do not type the 0.

For our full Terms and Conditions regarding our cancellation/refunds policy, please follow the link

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