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Trimley St Mary After School Club - Thursday - Year 2-6 Gymnastics

Our ever popular After School Provision will give children the chance to learn and thrive in a more relaxed environment, to try new things and make new friends. Whether it’s looking into a new sport or enhancing previous learning, our schools coaches will maximise time and potential. 

Each week the children will engage with a fully qualified Ipswich Town Coach, focusing on gymnastics. Each week we will explore and improve a variety of skills used within gym, with each week having a key focus on such as Jumps, Rolls, balances, working in unison with others, performance, apparatus and more. We will learning how to roll safely to landing jumps of vaults, the possibilities are endless! 

Year 2-6 Gymnastics- 15:30-16:30.

Please note, pick up will be front reception at 16:30pm.