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As an organiser or administrator, you will have access to the Participant App which provides the following benefits:

  • On-the-go access to manage your events/courses
  • Easy access to your settlement reports and recent orders
  • Access control; check people in/out at your events

As well as the standard administration tools, we have built on the functionalities you may require for a complete solution for your online registration management. These include:

  • Communication tools
  • Email invitations
  • Creation of sessions
  • Easily transfer participants
  • Advanced membership system

SMS and email notifications can be created and issued at a predetermined date and time, allowing you to liaise with your participants and means you no longer have to set reminders.

In addition, should an event be cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather or any other reason, your customer can be made aware instantaneously.

With a branded platform you will be able to retain your organisation's identity.

We will generate your registration forms to match the appearance and branding requirements of your website, providing you with the following benefits:

  • Branded registration forms
  • Branded order confirmations
  • Reusable design template
  • Branded login page and user interface
  • Branded evaluation forms

This functionality enables you to compile a questionnaire which can be sent to your participants and provides you with valuable feedback about your events.

The evaluation form provides the following features:

  • Questions can be prioritised in order of importance
  • Option for sliding scale answers or free text fields
  • Automatically send questionnaires to participants by email at a predetermined time
  • Access a statistics page where information can be filtered by event/participant name
  • Send automatic email to participants upon completion of the questionnaire

This enables you to have your own search page displaying all of your events. Branded search pages are available to licensed customers.

If you have a high number of repeat events, the search page function will enable you to:

  • Prioritise event listings
  • Create your own URL address for the search pages
  • Brand your own search page
  • Determine which text boxes are visible on the website

Issue certificates to participants either before the end of an event or after an event has taken place.

Options include:

  • Certificate
  • Membership card, which can be printed at home therefore assisting to reduce your costs

Hybrid events combine physical and virtual attendance to maximise your opportunities whilst also providing a high level of flexibility to your customers.

This type of event enables your participants to choose whether they wish to attend in person or join online. As well as providing the option for those who may wish to attend from their own home, this also provides you with the opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

The invoice module allows a participant to request this method of payment as well as, or instead of, card payments.

Module functionalities include:

  • Possibility to choose which account number will appear on the invoice
  • Invoice management tool
  • Payment deadline
  • Own company on invoice
  • Send new invoice (if required)

If required, we can send an invoice to appear as if sent directly by your organisation (i.e. matching your branding) subject to receipt of your company logo and any other information required to design your invoice.

Please note that Participant is not responsible for following up invoice payments, including debt collection, on behalf of our customers.

The approval tool enables you to compile a list of participants who have registered an interest in attending your event therefore making it easier to ascertain how many people are attending prior to taking payments.

  • Issue a link to the registration form to determine numbers
  • Once you are happy with the numbers, approve the orders
  • Customers will then receive a link to enter their bank details (as all other information has been previously provided) to complete their registration

Provide your customers with a ticket on a smart device which can be authenticated upon arrival to the event.

Features include:

  • QR code issued in the email confirmation
  • Use free Participant App to scan customers in

We have the functionality for you to offer your customers payment plans of various types.

Recurring payment enables your customers to sign up to a monthly or weekly payment plan, which can run for a set amount of months or indefinitely (until cancelled by yourself or the customer). You can set predefined payment dates for each month or allow your customers to chose.

Alternatively, an ad hoc payment plan allows you to set up your own payment plan with manually entered dates, enabling more flexibility. This tool is most helpful for if you are not following a strict monthly or weekly payment plan.

The sessions functionality provides you with more flexibility to administer your bookings and payments for your events.

Benefits include the following:

  • Multi-day feature allows the participant to select the day(s) they would like to attend
  • Organiser is able to select the sessions for participants to attend, therefore streamlining administration processes

Where sessions are used, a coaches register can be generated meaning:

  • Sessions can be assigned to a coach
  • Each coach is provided with their own URL
  • The coach can see a list of registers for all of their events
  • The coach is able to check participants in and out of events

User Profile enables your customers to create and manage their own account. With a sleek, modern interface your participants can;

  • Create one or multiple users under a single account
  • Enter and update core details on their profile such as; name, address, contact details
  • Pre-populate profile details when completing a booking page
  • View upcoming events and past events which they attended
  • Update card details on recurring payments
  • Recover past registrations which were made when logged out of their account

User Profile is built in angular code and is fully mobile optimised, with a clean and concise appearance across both desktop and mobile devices.

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