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Participant UK wins English Lacrosse Contract

October 2015

We are delighted to announce that the English Lacrosse Association has selected Participant UK to supply their online registration and payment solution. The solution will provide the technology to launch a new national individual registration programme as well as enhancing the booking and payment process for courses, tournaments and Team England fees.

Formed in 1892, The English Lacrosse Association is the national governing body for lacrosse in England. Lacrosse has seen unprecedented growth over the last 5 years. Lacrosse players have grown in number by over 100%. The registration process will deliver enhanced benefits to individual participants. A more meaningful insurance package will offer personal accident and lacrosse equipment insurance in addition to public liability cover to players, coaches and officials.

English Lacrosse is using the Participant solution to promote, sell and manage the following activities,

  • Annual Individual Registration for players, coaches and umpires
  • Coaching and Officials Course Registration
  • Academy and Team England Payments
  • Holiday Camp Registration
  • Tournament Registration
Key Features
  • Online Registration
  • Secure payment
  • Mobile optimised
  • Website Integration
  • Regional and Club access
  • Club Membership payments
  • Recurring Renewal payments
  • Data Management
  • Proven technology for NationalnRegistration initiative
  • Cost Effective solution
  • User friendly, improved registration experience
  • Time saving – reduced administration
  • Inclusive, involving all levels of the sport
  • Excellent setup and support
Find out more about the English Lacrosse
Annual Individual Registration here

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