The state of Chinese student recruitment post COVID-19


A precursor to a series on China in June.

As China recovers from the pandemic and ushers in a new chapter, the trend of studying abroad has evolved, with Chinese students changing plans and shifting preferences for overseas destinations.

And that means universities need to reimagine their marketing strategies for China to boost recruitment from this massive market. 

Join the session to learn:

  • How China is recovering from COVID-19 and its impact on the demand for study abroad to the UK/EU
  • Chinese students’ and their parents’ attitudes towards international travel and confidence in the foreign environment
  • How UK/EU universities can reassure and attract potential Chinese students to bolster international enrolment numbers
  • The importance of building a brand strategy in China that aligns and supports the student journey

This webinar will be presented in partnership with Sinorbis, a multiple award winning software company specialising in China.

This event will help:

Ideal training and development for Admissions Officers.

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Admissions / International Administrators

Admissions / International Assistants

Admissions / International Officers

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