Evaluating international qualifications - an interactive webinar


The session will help delegates understand the principles and criteria behind our assessment processes and outline key considerations for evaluating international qualifications.

We will provide an overview of our assessment rationale, with a particular focus on accreditation and learning outcomes, examining how these concepts can be considered with real examples.

The session will cover topics including:

  • Qualification recognition in the international context
  • Education systems and national qualifications frameworks
  • Accreditation systems; accreditation of awards and institutions, and what this means for the evaluator
  • Our assessment methodology for international qualifications, and how we compare them to the UK system
  • What different comparison statements mean (for example, what do we mean when we say “comparable to a Bachelor degree”?)

The style will be interactive, and we will examine real examples and documents throughout. The session will also include live Q & A with the presenters.


The key objectives of the training are to:

  • Understand how to apply credential evaluation and assessment theory to reach a final decision regarding qualification comparability
  • Explore the concept of accreditation, different accreditation systems in use around the globe, and how the status of an institution may affect the result of a comparison
  • Examine a range of learning outcomes in relation to international qualifications
  • Understand where to find useful and relevant information, using both Ecctis resources and external sources, to help the evaluation process

This event will help:

This course is recommended for university and college staff involved with entry to undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and professional credential evaluators, in the UK or internationally. The course will also be useful to people from professional bodies, nationality and immigration solicitors, recruiters, work permit and visa agencies, and careers/guidance/refugee advisers.

Support materials

Delegates will receive a copy of all materials used. Delegates completing the course will also receive a certificate of completion.

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