What makes a good language test?


In this session, speakers from Ecctis and Oxford University Press will explore “What makes a good language test?” by exploring a number of relevant themes:
-    Levels of English language proficiency and what they mean in real terms
-    The language skills associated specifically with CEFR B2 in the context of university study
-    The features of a language test that help institutions’ admissions offices
-    The importance of CEFR level validation
-    Links between (English) language proficiency and higher education readiness
-    Different ‘types’ of English, for example general and academic, and how they are tested
Expect fast-paced, interesting and insightful discussion that will seek to address the central question.
We invite questions and comments from our attendees, to add to the discussions.
We are pleased to present this session in association with Oxford University Press.


The objectives of the session are:
-    To help admissions decisions by identifying important language threshold
-    To identify the most suitable students
-    To understand how to maintain a good record of compliance with regards to English proficiency

Target Audience

Recommended for anyone whose work involves the consideration of English language tests, or the processing of applicants presenting English language tests, for study, work or immigration purposes. For example: admissions officers evaluating international applicants; admissions managers defining policy and setting admission thresholds; employers evaluating international applicants, etc.

Support materials

Delegates will receive a copy of all materials used.

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