After School Judo Chestnut Lane School 3.15-4.00pm, Summer Term 2017

Summer Term Course - £90.00 

Thursday 27th April - Thursday 13th July (11 weeks)

For an inclusive activity to build into your PE curriculum Judo has a lot to commend it. It can bring the best out of children perhaps not so enthusiastic about ball sports. Judo is a disciplined sport that helps boisterous children focus their energy   It also provides a ladder of achievement for children to pursue their British Judo Association belt grading from White belt up to black belt. It breeds a self respect students take into the classroom. The A.S Judo team of ex British and international Champions use Judo disciplines to enhance balance, strength, co-ordination as well as self respect for their fellow students and their own self-confidence. Alan Scott has discovered in his Judo academy that…”Often unruly kids suddenly quiet down and start channelling their energy in a more positive way, the quieter ones gain confidence and respect from others”

AS Judo Academy are running  a number of Holiday Courses - please book via

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