Surrey Minors, Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open 2023

SURREY OPEN - Minors, Pre-Cadet, Cadet
Sunday 1st October 2023 at Donyngs Leisure Centre, Redhill

All competitors must present a valid BJA or BJA affiliated association licence at the weigh in.
The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine categories if necessary.


Minors: born 2012-2015
Boys weight groups: -27kg / -30kg / -34kg / -38kg / -42kg / -46kg / -50kg / +50kg
Girls weight groups: -28kg / -32kg / -36kg / -40kg / -44kg / -48kg / +48kg

Pre cadets: born 2010-2011
Boys weight groups: -34kg / -38kg / -42kg / -46kg / -50kg / -55kg / -60kg / -66kg / +66kg
Girls weight groups: -32kg / -36kg / -40kg / -44kg / -48kg / -52kg / -57kg / -63kg / +63kg

Cadets: born 2007-2009
Boys weight groups: -42kg /-46kg /-50kg /-55kg /-60kg /-66kg /-73kg /-81kg /- 90kg / +90kg
Girls weight groups: -40kg / -44kg / -48kg / -52kg / -57kg / -63kg / -70kg / +70kg

Weigh In times:
Minor Boys:                            0830-0900
Minor Girls:                             1000-1030
Pre-Cadet Boys:                    1100-1130
Pre-Cadet Girls:                    1215-1245
Cadet Boys:                            1300-1330
Cadet Girls:                             1215-1245

Additional Information:

  • Technical restrictions will apply for the Minors event
  • No armlocks and strangles are permitted for minors or pre-cadets
  • Armlocks and strangles are permitted for cadets
  • Cadets will be point scoring
  • Minors and Pre-cadets 3 minute contests
  • Cadets 4 minute contests
  • Golden score for Minors is 3 minutes (if required), other categories unlimited.
  • Current BJA rules apply        
  • Medals will be presented throughout the day
  • All competitors must always wear suitable footwear when off the mat
  • Only matside qualified coaches with a valid card will be allowed matside
  • Coaching will be allowed throughout the contests
  • All players must weigh in with T-shirt and trousers with a 0.6kg allowance
  • Videos and photographs may be taken on the day and used to advertise the event

In the event of any dispute either on or off the mat, the decision of the Tournament Director will be final.

Entry Fee: £25.                              Spectators and Car Parking:       Free    

Closing Date:                                  Monday 26th September 2023
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