Surrey Mini Mon Championships 2022

Competitors must be registered to the Southern Area, be over 8 years of age and under 12 on the day of the competition and hold a yellow belt or under for their grade. All Competitors must present a valid BJA licence or a BJA affiliated association licence at the weigh-in with proof of grade.


BJA u12 Technical Restrictions will be used throughout.          
Method of competition will be pools or compound knockout.        
Current BJA rules apply.        
Medals will be presented throughout the day.
All competitors must wear suitable footwear at all times when off the mat.
All players to wear white Judogi and where possible provide their own blue and white belts.
Only matside qualified coaches with a valid card will be allowed matside.

In the event of any dispute either on or off the mat, the decision of the Tournament Director will be final. The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine categories if necessary.

By entering the event, all participants and parents or guardians of participants are consenting to photography/filming which may be taken by the host organization / BJA or an official contractor at the event. You also accept that these photographs or video may be used in future host organisation / BJA publications or published by the contractors. If you wish to opt-out of the above please contact

Boys                       -27, -30, -34, -38, -42, -46, -50, +50 kgs.
Girls                        -28, -32, -36, -40, -44, -48 +48 kgs.

 Weigh In:       Girls 0900 to 0930        Boys 0930 to 1000  

As this is an open weigh in, all Boys and Girls must weigh in with a T-shirt and trousers with a 0.6kg allowance.

Entry Fee:      £18.00 early bird entry until 12th August (£22.00 after).  
Spectators and car parking:       Free

Closing Date:      25th September 2022 at noon (or if max. entries reached) NO ENTRIES will be accepted AFTER this date. 

Online Registration Form